The Royal Road game

In progress

A puzzle game where the objective is to flip over tiles till a single tile path is made from the start to the goal. Currently only made in MIT's Scratch, however, I am transferring the game to unity

A Princess let her friend, the Prince, borrow her favorite video game.
Few days later she gets a letter in her mail saying that the Prince got grounded and he cannot return her game back.
So the Princess sets out to the Prince's castle to get it back.

Click here to try the Scratch version of the game

Left or Right game

In progress

A text-based adventure game played through SMS messaging.


Nov - Dec 2017

When I first put a Raspbery Pi inside a book (below) I had actually wanted to put the computer in an Altoids box. However, at the time I didn't have the skills to do so.

A few months ago I found a guide created by SudoMod to build exactly want I had wanted to do many years back. Therefor I am collecting all the parts and will be building it within the month!

(Will be streamed on Twitch, link to be added)

Computer Inside a Book

March 2015 - Sep 2016

Did you ever want to hide the fact that you're on your computer, like, say, in a high school class where they won't let you use your computer?  Well, my project puts a touch-screen, wifi- enabled Raspberry Pi  computer (with long lasting battery) inside a copy of the book "Twilight." I may never have read the actual book, but I can download the e-book there if necessary.

Father's Day App

June 2016 - July 2016

As a gift to my father on father's day, I programmed an iPhone app for him. The app was a button clicker, the more times you tapped the center button, the higher the "Awesomeness" counter went up.

YouTube Videos

A collection of videos I have done over the years.

Videos include speed draws of my art, Spanish class video projects, and random other stuff

Click here to see them